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Dispenser for Hand Wash Concentrate

12 oz. pump dispenser

Suggested Retail: $3.15
Item: #50408
Member Price: $2.70

Easy-to-use pump dispenser bottle is beautifully designed to match any kitchen and bath decor.  Holds 12oz. of Hand Wash Concentrate.

  • Remove the pump by twisting counterclockwise to fill the bottle.
  • Fill the bottle to within ¼” of the neck.
  • Replace the pump to the bottle until it is fully seated on the threaded neck.
  • To activate the pump, rotate the outlet a ¼ turn counterclockwise, per the instructions on the top of the pump.  The pump should spring up when it is open.
  • Depress the pump fully to dispense the soap. The soap typically will dispense within 3-4 pumps.
  • To stop the pump, rotate the outlet a ¼ turn clockwise.
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