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Fresh Laundry Concentrate 5.5lb.

Earth-friendly laundry concentrate

Suggested Retail: $21.30
Item: #00159
Member Price: $18.10

You know the deliciousness of clean clothes right out of the wash? Fresh Laundry takes it to the next level. The natural enzyme formula leaves clothes extra clean while being gentle on the planet. Which means you can bury your nose in a pile of clean laundry and breathe a little easier.

Add Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder to water. Because Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder is a powerful, concentrated formula, it should be dissolved prior to contact with fabrics.

Use 1 oz for front loading washers, medium loads. Use 2 oz for top loading washers, large loads.

Add clothes to washer. Never overload. Mix large and small items for a balanced load. Select proper water level. Check garment labels for directions on proper care; flame-retardant fabrics may require special washing procedures.

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