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Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea

A Natural Energy Lift

Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea is an antioxidant-rich blend of green matcha, white, and red teas that provides a safe, natural energy boost. The tea mix packets are perfect on the go—just add hot or cold water and enjoy. Available in earthy Green Matcha, juicy Pomegranate, and immune-supporting Elderberry.

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A blend of green matcha, white, and red teas for a natural way to help enhance energy and alertness. Don't be surprised to find yourself with the natural energy to squeeze more out of every day. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives added. Gluten free. New Elderberry flavor also contains immune supporting elderberry.

Available in Green Matcha and lightly sweetened Elderberry or Pomegranate

Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea is part of the Shaklee 180 Program

For weight loss that lasts, it isn't about food and exercise alone—you need the right nutrition and the right support tools. Powered by Leucine®, our clinically tested Shaklee 180 products help you keep muscle you have, burn fat you don't need, and lose inches you don't want.† Leucine is an essential amino acid for preserving muscle mass. Life Shake™, the foundation of the Shaklee 180 Program, and Shaklee 180 Meal-in-a-Bars and Snack Bars are all Powered by Leucine®.

Why leucine works:

  • Supports lean muscle. Leucine is the most effective branched chain amino acid for preserving muscle mass.
  • Muscle = Metabolism. Leucine-enriched protein helps your body preserve muscle mass, so you lose the right kind of weight and keep metabolism strong.
  • More is better. More muscle means a stronger, leaner-looking you.

It's real science, with real results.

Safe, Proven, 100% Guaranteed.

Enjoy daily hot or cold.



How is Elderberry flavor different from Green or Pomegranate? 
Elderberry tea has the same tea blend and all the benefits of Green and Pomegranate tea.  It also has immune enhancing elderberry. 

How much caffeine is in the Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea? 
All flavors of the tea contain approximately 70 mg of caffeine, about the same as 2/3 cup of coffee.

Product Labels:
Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea, Elderberry
Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea, Green Matcha
Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea, Pomegranate

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