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Tiff, Ambassador since 2011

"Shaklee has helped me build community, support my family and helped me connect with my family. The opportunity for health is for everyone. It's really an unlimited platform for us to do whatever it is that we're passionate about."

Tiff, Shaklee Ambassador since 2011

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Shaklee makes no promises or guarantees regarding additional income and other earnings opportunities, and the success or failure of each Shaklee Ambassador, like with any other business opportunity, depends on your own skills and personal effort. The actual financial results of all Shaklee Ambassadors for the preceding year are contained in the Shaklee Average Earnings Chart that can be found at: which does not include Ambassador costs.

Shaklee Ambassadors do not earn compensation for recruiting or sponsoring other Shaklee Ambassadors. For full details about the Shaklee Compensation Plan, speak to your Shaklee Ambassador or visit .

Must be signed up for direct deposit to be paid weekly. For full details on how to earn Star Club Bonuses, and all other commissions, please see the official rules for each at These offers are only valid for Shaklee Ambassadors in the US and Canada. Visit to see Average Annual Earnings data for Shaklee Ambassadors.

1. One 16-oz. bottle of Basic H2® when diluted as directed equals the number of cleaning uses of 5,824 26-oz. bottles of ready-to-use Windex®. The plastic bottles saved from landfill figure was derived by multiplying the total number of Basic-H bottles sold in all Shaklee markets over the last 10 years by 5,824, which is the number of 26-oz. bottles of Windex needed to equal the number of cleaning uses of one 16-oz. bottle of Basic-H. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

2. This figure was derived by multiplying the total number of new join members and ambassadors in all Shaklee markets over the last 10 years.