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Work from Anywhere

From home or on your phone, work the way you want

*To earn the $1,000 guarantee, it is required that you complete the following activities during your join month of March, April, May or June 2020 and the 3 full months following your join month: 1) Enroll as a Shaklee Independent Distributor with a $25 Join Fee and purchase a $159 Prove It Challenge or Immunity Challenge Pack, 2) Personally Enroll 9 New Preferred Members with a Prove It Challenge bundle purchase (Classic or Immunity), 3) Get 3 second orders of $100 or more from the New Preferred Members you enrolled in 1) above, and 4) Personally Sponsor 3 New Distributors into Shaklee with a Prove It Challenge bundle (Classic or Immunity) purchase OR get 3 Personally Enrolled Preferred Members to upgrade to Distributor with a $25 upgrade fee and a minimum $150 product order, in any combination of 3 New Distributors or Upgrades.

Shaklee will evaluate a New Distributor's earning eligibility on the above activities over their qualification period and, once all requirements above are met, will pay an additional amount to bring the qualifiers aggregate earnings up to a minimum of $1,000. Shaklee makes no promises or guarantees regarding income, and the success or failure of each Shaklee Distributor, like any other business, depends on your own skills and personal effort. The Shaklee Stimulus Plan is new and there is no earnings history for this program. Actual financial results of all Shaklee Distributors for the preceding year are contained in the Average Earnings chart which does not include Distributor costs. Shaklee reserves the right to alter, modify or cancel the program at any time. For full program rules see here and frequently asked questions see here.