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Meology Kids

About Meology for Children & Teens Ages 4-18

Meology Kids is a supplement plan that provides your kids with 100% DV of 8 core nutrients, 11 essential vitamins and minerals, vital omega-3s to support brain and eye health, and immune-supporting nutrients to help build a healthy immune system.* Even if your kid is a picky eater, you can help fill in those nutrient gaps with tasty gummies that they’re sure to love. Our Meology Kids supplements are perfect for children and teens ages 4-18 who need those vital nutrients and minerals to support their overall growth and development.*

Get Custom Vitamins & Gummies with Meology Kids

etting your kids to take vitamins can sometimes be a struggle, but not when they have fun, custom vitamin gummy packs that taste great! Make sure your kids have the nutrients their growing bodies need with our Meology Kids all-in-one supplements. Your kids will love them, and you’ll love how easy it is to get them to take their vitamins!

  • Personalized for Your Kiddo

    If your kiddo doesn’t like taking their vitamins, their minds are sure to change when they get a personalized pack with their name on it and a fun logo of their choice. No bribery is required with these vitamin packs. Your kid is sure to be asking for them in no time!

  • Great-tasting Gummy Vitamin Packs

    Of course, your kids aren’t going to want their vitamins if they don’t taste great. That’s why our Meology Kids pack has great flavor options like Berry Orange, Strawberry Lemonade, and Cheery Cherry. Best of all, our vitamins only contain 3 grams of sugar, which is roughly equal to giving your child a few strawberries.

  • Steps To Get Started

    Getting started with Meology Kids is easy! Just follow these steps, and you’re good to go!

  • Personalize – Tell us about yourself and get your custom recommendations.

    First, you just need to personalize the gummy packs for your kids. We recommend letting your kids pick their icon with you so they can look forward to seeing their personalized logo on their new pack of healthy vitamins! There are plenty of icons to choose from, and your kid will also get their name on the pack, adding some extra personalization to their daily vitamin routine.

  • Subscribe - Enjoy exclusive prices and stay stocked. Easily edit or cancel anytime.

    Make sure you don’t run out of your Meology Kids vitamin packs! As a busy parent, it can be difficult to juggle all of the things your kid needs. By subscribing, you have one less worry as we make sure you stay stocked on your Meology Kids vitamins each month. We also know that things can change, so you can also easily edit or cancel your order.

  • Grab & Go – Convenient daily-dose packs make it easy to add to your routine.

    Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or trying to get your kids out the door for school, getting their vitamins together for their morning routine can be a hassle. We make it easy by packaging your kids’ vitamins in one convenient daily-dose pack. Just grab and go! Meology makes it as easy as possible to make sure your kids are taking their vitamins and getting the nutrients they need to support their overall health!*

  • Take Our Assessment to Get a Personalized Kids Vitamin Regimen

    Ready to unlock the power of a personalized kids vitamin regimen? We’re here to help! Simply follow the steps to take our assessment and get your kids set up with their first round of Meology vitamins. No more worrying about finding the right vitamins that your kids need. Let Meology handle that so you can focus on everything else a busy parent has to focus on!

  • Make Healthy Happen with Shaklee

    At Shaklee, we want to make healthy happen for everyone! Along with our Meology Kids, make sure your nutrient needs are covered with our Meology for Adults. These highly personalized regimens are tailored to your unique health needs and concerns to support your health and well-being.* We also offer science-backed, nature-inspired products for other areas of your life, such as skin care, green cleaning products, and more. Ready to join Shaklee? Get started today and make healthy happen with us!