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Shaklee is a place where people can be themselves and thrive.

Lori and Albert Ramos

"We believe True Wellness is universal; it is for everyone, and we have been blessed with a diverse team of customers and partners. True Wellness is the future of nutrition, and Shaklee is equitable for everyone."

Lori & Albert Ramos, Shaklee Ambassadors

Rochelle T. Parks

"True Wellness is being well WHOLE-listically...mind, body and spirit! Many times we only focus on our physical well-being. But, you have true peace when you are well in your mind, body and spirit."

Rochelle T. Parks, Shaklee Ambassador

Sundeep Dolliver

"To me, True Wellness for ALL means that access to a healthy lifestyle (physical and mental) is achievable and accessible for everyone."

Sundeep Dolliver, Shaklee Employee

Through diverse ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds, we can create a stronger and more creative team and work environment that delivers better results.

We believe that diversity is a mission-critical piece of our culture and that creating a culture of equality isn't just the right thing to do but the smart thing to do for our future. It empowers us to innovate, build deeper connections with our customers, and ultimately become a better company. 

Shaklee is not associated with any particular political or religious perspective. We are motivated only by our mission and values, by our concerns for those who have chosen to be part of our community, and by the underpinnings of the business that were created by Dr. Shaklee, based on his philosophy. 

We’re committed to

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Focusing on supporting diverse employees at the corporate level and among our Ambassadors. 

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Creating opportunities for continuous education for employees at all levels about the lived experience of people of diverse backgrounds, with an effort toward creating greater empathy and understanding. 

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Enhancing the expression of our Shaklee brand to reflect the full range and breadth of the human family.