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Our Clean Deodorant Keeps You Dry, Smooth, and Fresh

Looking for a deodorant that doesn’t use aluminum or baking soda? Our deodorant has you covered! With our natural Protect Deodorant, you can feel fresh and clean all day without having to worry about irritants or greasy formulas that leave a residue. Read on to find out more about our deodorant and why it’s a must-have, especially for those with sensitive skin!

  • Our Arrowroot and Zinc-Based Deodorant with Charcoal Neutralizes Odor and Absorbs Wetness

    There’s nothing worse than putting on deodorant that ends up failing you later in the day. That’s why we’ve formulated our Protect Deodorant with zinc salt, arrowroot powder, and charcoal. These three ingredients work in tandem to help put a stop to odor and wetness for all-day comfort. Finally, a deodorant that does what you need it to without any potentially harmful ingredients!

  • Zinc salt is one key to making our deodorant work. Zinc salt is a natural ingredient that is very efficient at absorbing odors. We also combine our zinc salt with the amino acid derivative Capryloyl glycine. This formulation helps to balance the pH of your underarm skin microbiome, which also helps to neutralize odors. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, you’ll be feeling clean and fresh throughout the day.

    Arrowroot powder and charcoal powder are effective natural solutions that help absorb excess underarm wetness without clogging up your pores in the process. We selected these various natural powders and waxes for their natural benefits, but we also selected them because they don’t leave a greasy or chalky residue. Our deodorant glides on smooth and dry. You can put on deodorant that feels good when you put it on and stays feeling good all day long.

    Made Without Common Skin Irritants like Baking Soda

    As our largest organ, the skin serves numerous incredibly essential functions and acts as a protective barrier for us. Of course, this means it is also continually exposed to environmental stressors, such as pollution and UV rays. That’s why it’s important to take care of our skin and give it the vitamins and nutrients it needs to perform optimally.

    Many deodorants use baking soda and aluminum in their formulations. The problem is these substances can easily irritate the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. The underarm area is already sensitive to begin with, so it’s even more important to get quality, natural deodorant that is gentle and nourishing for your underarms.

    This is exactly why we made sure to leave baking soda and aluminum out of our Protect Deodorant. Natural, clinically proven substances such as zinc, arrowroot, and charcoal have shown that they can help control moisture and odor, so it makes sense to choose a deodorant that prioritizes keeping you fresh while also taking care of your skin.

    Along with leaving out baking soda and aluminum, we also left out parabens, phthalates, artificial colorants, and GMOs. In fact, we’ve left out a whopping 2,500 ingredients that have been shown to be potentially harmful to health and the environment. Furthermore, we’ve made sure our deodorant is cruelty-free, vegan, and dermatologist-approved. Finally, there’s a deodorant you can feel good about putting on in the morning.

    If you’re tired of using deodorants that leave your skin feeling irritated, give our Protect deodorant a try. It doesn’t have to be difficult to feel fresh and clean without exposing yourself to chemicals and common irritants.

  • Why We Leave Out Aluminum and Baking Soda

    Many people choose to avoid deodorants that contain aluminum salts because they can be irritating to the skin. So, many natural deodorants may opt to replace these aluminum salts with baking soda. While baking soda may reduce the irritating properties of deodorant, it tends to have problems of its own – namely, the fact that baking soda may throw off your underarm’s pH levels.

    Since baking soda is very basic on the pH scale, it can throw off the natural oily layer of the skin. This delicate layer is known as the acid mantle, and it helps to protect your skin from bacteria and other pollutants. It’s important to keep this layer balanced, which not all deodorants can do. While reducing oil on the skin may be helpful in some cases, it may also accidentally get rid of the good bacteria in your underarm’s microbiome.

    Unfortunately, this can lead to irritation – which is exactly what baking soda was supposed to help prevent in the first place. Even worse, many of these baking soda solutions may not include other nourishing ingredients that your underarms need to stay moisturized without getting wet.

    The possible irritation caused by aluminum salts and baking soda can worsen if you need to apply deodorant frequently or if you’re applying it to your underarms shortly after shaving. Rather than dealing with this irritation, why not choose a natural deodorant that forgoes both of these ingredients? We wanted to ensure that people could get a natural deodorant that actually performs the way a deodorant is supposed to, along with some additional benefits.

    Not only does our Protect Deodorant replace these ingredients like aluminum and baking soda with natural solutions like charcoal and zinc, but we also included additional ingredients that actually balance your pH and soothe your skin. No more dealing with itchy and irritated underarms because of your deodorant.

  • Our Nutrient-Rich Deodorant Supports a Healthy pH and Soothes the Underarm Area

    Our Protect Deodorant takes things one step further than just keeping you dry and neutralizing odor. It’s important to take care of your skin, especially the sensitive areas. That’s why we packed our formulation with nutrient-rich ingredients that will help support a healthy pH balance for your skin microbiome while soothing the delicate skin of your underarm area.

    Coconut fruit extract is an ingredient we included due to its moisturizing benefits. We also made sure to maximize the benefits of coconut fruit extract by fermenting it with Lactobacillus. This ensures you get the skin condition benefits while also making it nonirritating and capable of helping to preserve your underarm microbiome.

    We also include omega fatty acids to help protect your skin’s natural barrier. Lipids such as omegas help keep your skin barrier healthy, which allows it to perform optimally. The skin barrier’s job is to keep hydration in while keeping harmful elements out, and omegas 3, 6, and 9 can help it do so.

    For further soothing and protection benefits, we included antioxidant-rich muscadine grape seed oil and vitamin E. Finally, we gave our formulation a sensual and calming beach scent, which smells amazing without being overwhelming. This subtle beach scent doesn’t come from unnatural fragrances and additives, so you don’t have to worry about irritation.

    In short, using our nutrient-rich deodorant isn't just a way to keep yourself smelling fresh and clean throughout the day, it's also a way to help take care of your body from the outside in. We make sure our products are inspired by nature but that they also take science into consideration. We use ingredients with proven benefits so you can utilize natural solutions that actually help your skin.

    Try it for yourself and experience the difference it can make. Also, remember to check out our other personal care products to make sure you have clean and natural solutions for all of your personal care needs. We offer natural body washes, lotions, scrubs, serums, and much more.

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