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A Weight Loss Program to Help You Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Achieving a healthy weight can be a challenge. Maintaining it can be even harder. That is why Shaklee scientists designed a simple but powerful program to help you break the cycle, lose the weight, and learn how to keep it off. Get started easily with our customizable kit and begin your journey to a leaner, healthier you.

  • Best Weight Loss Aids for a Healthier You

    Our clinically proven program gives you the right nutrition and the right support tools for weight loss that lasts. Our customizable kit contains everything you need for four weeks including protein shakes, protein bars, energizing teas, a metabolism booster*, and online access to support

  • A Healthy Way to Control Your Weight

    Healthy weight has nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with keeping the muscle you have and burning fat you do not need. Our products are Powered by Leucine®, the essential amino acid that helps you build lean muscle, burn fat, and support metabolism.*

  • Shaklee Products and a Healthy Lifestyle Can Help You Lose Weight

    For weight loss that lasts, it isn't about food and exercise alone. Our supplements, meal replacements, and healthy snacks are accompanied by a step-by-step program guide, healthy recipes, meal plans, exercise programs, and lifestyle information.

  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Weight Loss

    Life Shake, your meal replacement and the foundation of our program, contains non-GMO protein to help curb hunger and increase energy, dietary fiber plus a proprietary prebiotic from ancient grains to promote healthy digestion, and essential vitamins & minerals to support your overall health.

  • *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.