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Green, Concentrated Liquids & Powders for Your Dishwasher

No one likes doing the dishes, but what’s even worse is how bad some dish soaps can be for the planet. On top of that, some dishwasher soaps don’t even get your dishes clean. At Shaklee, we have green products to make washing dishes better for you, your family, and the Earth.

  • Our Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap Is Soft on Hands & Tough on Grease

    Our dishwashing liquid soap will make it easier to get the tough grease and mess off of dishes without being harsh on your hands. Our fresh-scented Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate is soft on your hands and good for the Earth while still having the power to take on dishes, pots, pans, and anything else you can throw at it.

  • Tackling that pile of dishes is going to take a lot less time when you use our liquid concentrate. It’ll take a lot less soap too, as you only need a few drops to finish up a sinkful of dishes. By super-concentrating our formula, we save you money so you don’t have to buy as much dish soap to get the job done. Also, less product means that there’s less waste, which helps to save the planet. On top of creating less waste with powerful products and recyclable packaging, our green formula uses sustainable cleaning agents that are also biodegradable.

    With our liquid concentrate, even a small act like cleaning your dishes can help change the world for the better. In addition to being safe for the planet, our soap is also safe for you and your family. Your home should be the safest place in the world, which means your cleaning products should be safe and nontoxic too. Our dish soap doesn’t use harmful or hazardous ingredients, just good ingredients that feel good to use.

  • Get a Sparkling Clean with Our Sustainable Powder Detergent

    We’ve all had that situation where we open the dishwasher and find out that it didn’t get your dishes clean. This can be frustrating and it also feels like a waste of time, because now you have to spend time getting those dishes clean. Or you have to spend time pre-rinsing your dishes next time you want to do a load to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    We have a better solution – our Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate. Our sustainable powder detergent can gently remove tough stains, so your dishes and glasses come out clean and sparkling. You’ll never have to wash a dish before putting it in the dishwasher again. You also won’t have to use products that use Earth-adverse ingredients and chemicals. Our super-concentrated formula is powerful, green, and easy to use.

    While many people worry that green dishwashing products may not be powerful enough, that’s not a concern with our Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate. In fact, to clean the same 48 loads, it would take one and one-half 45-ounce boxes of Cascade Complete® Powder compared to our Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate 32-ounce pouch. You get full loads of sparkling dishes with less product than other top dishwashing powders.

    We only use quality, naturally derived enzymes and mineral-based ingredients that are safe for you and your family. This also means our powder doesn’t use chlorine or fragrances. Although it’s not talked about enough, it’s important to know that chlorine and fragrances in certain dishwasher detergents can pollute the air you breathe. If a product contains dry chlorine, this chemical activates when it mixes with the water from your dishwasher. This reaction releases steam with chlorine fumes that leak out of the dishwater. These fumes can cause eye irritation. Phosphates are also commonly found in dishwashing detergents. Phosphates can clog rivers and lakes with algae and weeds, affecting the delicate ecosystem and robbing aquatic animals and other plants of oxygen. With our Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate, you can rest assured that there won’t be fumes or added phosphates that negatively affect you and our planet.

  • Easily Add a Scoop of Powder Detergent to Your Dishwasher with This Convenient Dispenser

    When you have a great product like our Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate, the last thing you want to do is use more product than you need to. As with many of our cleaning products, a little goes a long way. Instead of having to figure out the exact measurements and carefully scoop out the right amount of powder for each load, you can use our handy dispenser.

    This dispenser holds a full pouch, 32 ounces, of our Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate. The dispenser is equipped with a dual-dispensing lid that allows you to easily pour or scoop the proper amount for your dishwasher. Use our dispenser time and time again and just transfer your powder concentrate into it after ordering it.

    Our Heavy Duty Cleaning Paste Is Perfect for Scouring Off Stains & Removing Rust

    It can be tough to find a good cleaning product that can get rid of stains and rust without using harsh chemicals. However, that’s exactly what you get with our Scour Off™ heavy-duty paste. Other products can either be too harsh or not powerful enough to get the stains and rust out. Our Scour Off paste finds the perfect balance of being powerful without having to rely on harsh and hazardous chemicals to do so.

    This exclusive scouring paste can take on the toughest jobs for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor applications. Best of all, since it’s a paste it doesn’t form dust clouds, it doesn’t smell harsh, and there aren’t harmful fumes. Our formula uses natural abrasives to take on those stuck-on messes. Here are some great surfaces to clean with our scouring paste:









    -Imitation marble

    When using our paste, you should make sure to avoid cleaning silver, brass, aluminum, or any mirror-like finish with it.

    Still, if you’re looking for a gentle cleanser that can take on rust, tough messes, and more, it’s hard to beat Scour Off. Of course, we also made sure our Scour Off is nontoxic and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using our products knowing you’re being conscious of the planet.

    Shop Our Dishwashing and Kitchen Cleaning Products Along with All of Our Green Cleaning Products

    At Shaklee, we provide safe and sustainable products to get your dishes clean. We always take care to make products that are safe for you and the planet. Your home should be where you’re the safest and your cleaning products should reflect that.

    Of course, we offer more than just green cleaning products for your dishes. You can find a full line of sustainable green cleaning products, including all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, and more. Shop our nontoxic and naturally derived cleaning products today to clean your home while also helping keep the planet clean.

    At Shaklee, we’re making healthy happen with everything we do. Over 60 years ago, we were one of the first companies to offer a nontoxic, biodegradable cleaner. We continue to strive for sustainability while providing products that are healthy and safe. Let’s make healthy happen together. Join Shaklee to get the best green cleaning products, vitamins, personal care and beauty products, and more.

  • *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 1.On hard, nonporous surfaces