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Powerful support for vital bodily functions and daily energy*

The perfect balance of all eight essential B vitamins to support energy, cardiovascular health, and cell renewal. B vitamins help metabolize energy from carbohydrates, fat, and protein, and biotin supports healthy hair, skin, and nails.*

B-Complex features a patented Bioactivated Absorption System™ designed to enhance absorption of folic acid, helping to reduce the risk of birth defects.†

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High-potency B vitamins with patented folic acid delivery system.

The B vitamins are vital for proper bodily function as they help convert food into energy for your cells. There are eight essential B vitamins, and they work best when they work together. Unfortunately, the typical Western diet doesn't provide enough whole grains, leafy green vegetables, and fish needed to provide 100% of the Daily Value of the B vitamins. B-Complex offers a perfect balance of all eight B vitamins, filling in nutritional B-vitamin gaps.

B-Complex supports the body's performance:

  • Promotes cellular energy production with eight B vitamins that catalyze critical biochemical reactions in the body, including converting the foods we eat into energy*
  • Helps power brain, heart, lungs, and other organs*

Exclusive, patented Bioactivated Absorption System™ for folic acid.

Dietary folate, a critical B vitamin, isn't easily absorbed. Shaklee developed a patented delivery system for folic acid that enhances the immediate release of this nutrient in the stomach, making it readily available for absorption.

This technology is a Shaklee exclusive.

Safe, Proven, 100% Guaranteed.

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