Distributorship Terms

Distributor Requirements
You must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States or a US territory. You must provide Shaklee with a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) issued in your own name. The application and the SSN or ITIN may be provided online or by phone, fax, or mail. If provided online or by phone, Shaklee must receive the application, including the SSN or ITIN, by fax, mail, or scan and email within 30 days. To join Shaklee with an ITIN, you must attach a copy of your IRS Form CP-565 (Assignment of Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). Spouses may not have separate distributorships. Please notify Shaklee of any change in your street or email address or telephone number. Acceptance of this application by Shaklee allows you to purchase and sell Shaklee products and earn bonuses.

The Statement of Privileges and Responsibilities of Shaklee Family Members (P & R)
The P&R, as amended from time to time, is incorporated in this agreement. It is the official document governing the relationship between Shaklee Family Members and Shaklee U.S., LLC. You can read the P&R, including the Mutual Agreement to Arbitrate Claims, here. Please review it carefully with your Sponsor or Business Leader. Because it sets the foundation for how we do business, if a Shaklee Distributor does not follow the P&R, he or she may be subject to remedies for breach of contract, including termination of his or her distributorship.

ID Number
You will be issued a unique Shaklee ID number that should be used for all communications with Shaklee.

Distributors May Sponsor Others and Earn Bonuses
You may sponsor others and have sponsorship rights with respect to their downlines, as described in the P&R. You understand your name and contact information will be shared with Shaklee Distributors and Business Leaders who are part of your direct sponsorship lineage and on whose commission statement you appear.

Distributing Products
Because Shaklee is committed to the direct-selling business model, Shaklee Distributors may not distribute Shaklee products directly or indirectly to or from retail stores or internet auction sites. They also may not distribute products to Members or Distributors outside their Personal Group.

You Can Build a Business
Shaklee publishes an authorized Compensation Plan, which outlines the benefits and requirements of a Shaklee Business. Information on how to build a Shaklee Business is available from your Sponsor and/or Business Leader.

Independent Contractor Status
Shaklee Independent Distributors are Independent Contractors. Shaklee Distributors are not employees or agents of Shaklee or of any Shaklee Distributorship and may not so represent. Shaklee is not an agent or fiduciary of any Shaklee Distributor or Distributorship. Shaklee Distributors will not be treated as employees of Shaklee for federal or state tax purposes and will be responsible for payment of any self-employment or other income taxes. Shaklee Distributors will not be treated as employees of Shaklee for purposes of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act or any other laws covering employees

Unauthorized Claims
Shaklee Distributors may not make claims about Shaklee products or the Shaklee Compensation Plan that are contrary to literature and labels published by Shaklee. 

Direct Deposit
For the most environmentally friendly combination of choices, make sure you are also on Direct Deposit of your bonus check to save the resources associated with printing and mailing a paper check. Download the EFT/Direct Deposit election form from Shaklee.com and mail or fax it to us with a copy of a voided check.

Online Statements
Your statement will be provided monthly online. If you would prefer to have your statement mailed to you, please call 1-800-Shaklee to request a paper statement. 

Annual Renewal
Shaklee membership requires an annual renewal. However, Shaklee may from time to time suspend or waive the requirement to renew. Currently, Shaklee Membership renewal has been suspended.

Communications – Email & SMS

As explained in detail in our Privacy Policy, we may communicate with you via email or SMS text messaging. You may opt out of receiving our email communications by clicking on the opt-out link included in every marketing email we send, updating your preferences online, or by contacting customercare@shaklee.com.

You may choose to participate in our offers or receive updates though SMS text messaging, which may be subject to applicable messaging and data rates. Text LIVEIT to 548348 to receive up to 5 text messages per week.

By opting into this service, you consent to receive mobile text alerts using an automatic telephone dialing system. Consent to receive marketing text messages is not required as a condition of purchasing any goods or services.

At any time, you may discontinue receiving SMS messages by sending the SMS message "STOP" to the applicable shortcode. For Help, call us at 1-800-SHAKLEE or email customercare@shaklee.com.

The SMS service will apply to all major carriers. Carrier SMS terms and providers are subject to change. T-Mobile is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

Privacy Policy
Shaklee Corporation ("Shaklee," "we," or "our") are strongly committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal information and the security of the computer systems on which this site operates. We strive to remain in compliance with applicable laws and industry standards. Detailed information about our privacy and security procedures can be found here.

Loyalty Rewards Terms
Note: You may change or cancel your Loyalty Order at any time by visiting your account on Shaklee.com or calling 1-800-Shaklee.

By selecting Loyalty Order, you authorize Shaklee to ship the items indicated on this order and items on any supplemental orders or change/modification orders, which are incorporated herein by reference, or as otherwise requested by you or on your behalf, ON A RECURRING MONTHLY BASIS, and to charge this credit card account the current price at the time of shipment. You understand that THIS SERVICE IS CONTINUOUS and that these orders will continue to be shipped to you on a monthly basis and that you are obligated to pay for them until you cancel or modify your order. Based on your selection, the amount charged may change. You will be charged each month and such charge will continue until you cancel or modify your order. Loyalty orders ship Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Shaklee reserves the right to cancel this order at any time.

Last updated December 21, 2020