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Hi! we're Vic & Sharon Reboy. We created PathFinders because of all the uncertainty people feel involving nutrition. We provide clarity that instills confidence in the products. We become your compass, finding the best path that works for you. Our goal is to help you live the life you were meant to live.
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Winter Immune Support

Member Price:$83.80 ( Retail Price:$98.60  )

Winter is when we are likely to experience variety of illnesses. Supporting our the immune system is essential.

Fueling Your Workout

Member Price:$115.80 ( Retail Price:$136.25  )

As a 4th degree black belt, Sharon has benefited from these products. At 68 yrs. of age she's not ready to quit!.

Better Digestion

Member Price:$80.00 ( Retail Price:$94.10  )

Our energy comes from the energy in our food. This supplies the enzymes/minerals/& bacteria crucial for good digestion.

Time To Get Energized!

Member Price:$95.60 ( Retail Price:$112.40  )

Sometimes we all need a little energy boost. These can help you power through those challenging moments with energy to spare!

Manage Discomfort Innately

Member Price:$99.95 ( Retail Price:$117.60  )

As a martial artist, Sharon's experienced stiff, aching muscles. These are her 'go to' products to relieve that discomfort.

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