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WomanWize - Karen M. Hurd
Mama didn't tell me that menopause would make me feel like I was losing my mind! The memory loss, inability to focus or even remember the name of my best friend was terrifying! I got through it without HRT and I can help you navigate through it with natural support that will help you get your life back! Message, text or call. Join me on social. You'll get through it, I promise!
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WomanWize - Karen M. Hurd

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Stress Relief Kit

Member Price:$103.15 ( Retail Price:$121.35  )

It's easier to chill out when your body isn't screaming at you! I rely on these products to get me through the hairiest days.

Family (Budget) Friendly Wellness

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The products in this bundle have kept Shaklee families healthier for generations and fit any budget.

Bye Bye Menopause Brain!

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I stopped dropping words mid-sentence and forgetting important things. Helped my memory, focus, & confidence!

Menopause Survival Kit

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Core essentials to help your body transition through perimenopause to the best years of your life!

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