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Nutrition Made Personal®

Meology is a simple tool backed by complex science. Answer a few questions and our algorithm makes millions of decisions based on your diet, lifestyle, health goals, and biology.

Your results are mapped to products that have the right amount of what you need. We adjust for allergies, preferences, and prescription drug interactions. We explain each nutrient's role, so when you feel good you know why. Choose your plan and have your personalized daily packs delivered every 30 days.

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Member price starts at $60 per month. Personalized wellness results may recommend add-ons. Save 5% with a monthly subscription order.
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Soy Free

One-size-fits-all doesn't work for anyone. So, we created a simple tool powered by a sophisticated algorithm that propels Shaklee to the forefront of personalized nutrition. We created Meology™. Meology delivers personalized nutrition recommendations precisely for you—not people like you—with more precision, more power, more patents, and more proof than any of the competition. 

  1. Personalize - Tell us about yourself and get your custom recommendations.
  2. Subscribe - Enjoy exclusive prices and stay stocked. Easily edit or cancel anytime.
  3. Grab & Go - Convenient daily-dose packs make it easy to add to your routine.

Take the contents of your pack(s) each day with food.

Recycling Instructions

Due to the current limitations in packaging technology, we rely on plastic to preserve the potency of our products containing active vitamins and minerals.

  1. Remove all contents from box.
  2. Toss box in curbside recycling bin.
  3. Discard vitamin sachet in regular trash bin.
  4. Verify with your local recycling center for specifics.
Meology™ delivers recommendations uniquely tailored to you and your individual needs using a precision-based approach. Our algorithm considers all the individual things about you, including optional blood test results and select DNA data, as well as how these things interact and come together to make you, you.

Meology's algorithm and product recommendation engine make millions of instantaneous decisions based on your diet, lifestyle, health goals, and biology. It distills from over 110 million combinations and recommends the ideal daily supplement plan for you.

Meology products are backed by 70+ patents/patent pending all over the world. Meology's product recommendation engine is also patent-pending.

We meet your unique needs with an extraordinary variety of solutions found in our robust portfolio of products developed over 100 years of science and innovation. The products we recommend to address your nutrient needs are backed by hundreds of clinical studies, including the Landmark Study, and thousands of tests for purity and safety.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Even if it's 100% used up.

Meology Is Made Specifically For You—Not People Like You
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What's Inside

Exactly what you need. No more, no less.

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Based on your self-reported information, blood test results, DNA data, and how it all adds up to make you, you



110 Million+ possible combinations across 640,000 decision points



Backed by more than 70 patents and patents pending all over the world



The culmination of over 100 years of science and innovation

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