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Your Wellness Ambassador
Hello! I'm your Wellness Ambassador, and here to support you on your journey to better health. I also enjoy helping with the costs of staying healthy, and partnering with our brand to not only improve your health but to earn some income to pay for all the rising costs in the country right now. I LOVE talking about health and wellness and your unique needs. Please message me anytime.
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Vitalizer + Protein

Member Price:$195.55 ( Retail Price:$230.05  )

Vitamins and Protein. Two products I have personally used for over 42 years.

Clean Up Your Home Environment

Member Price:$147.00 ( Retail Price:$172.95  )

Getting chemicals and toxins out of your home is HUGE. These products clean awesome and will help provide better air to breathe.

Safe and Clean Skin Care

Member Price:$244.80 ( Retail Price:$288.05  )

These are my favorite Youth Skin Care Products because they are wonderful to my skin, healthy and antiaging.

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