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Down to a science.

Shaklee products stand tall on decades of research and countless studies—like the Landmark Health Study with UC Berkeley, for example, which spanned 10 years and proved that daily nutrition makes us healthier in the long run. We put our products to the test because science is in our nature.

The Doctor is in

Build the Perfect Charcuterie Board blog

JULY 2021

How to Build the Perfect Charcuterie Board for Different Preferences

Have you boarded the charcuterie board train yet? Maybe you haven't because you want a jaw-dropping and mouth-watering charcuterie board, but you don't eat what's on a typical spread...

Supplements to Support Your Natural Energy Levels

July 2021

Supplements to Support Your Natural Energy Levels

It may surprise you, but regularly feeling sluggish or having a hard time staying focused during the afternoon lull isn't how our bodies are supposed to operate. When we optimize our daily habits...

Cellular Aging blog

JULY 2021

What Is Cellular Aging and How Do You Combat It?

When we think about the effects of aging, most of the time we think of the changes to our appearance, physical abilities, and cognitive functions. While these effects are the most noticeable...

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