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Healthy Solutions Plus

Designed to support your top health concerns

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The Healthy Solutions Plus Regimen is designed with our best-selling products to address America's top health concerns: heart health, brain function, aging well, including the immune system. This regimen includes Vivix®, MindWorks®, OmegaGuard®, and NutriFeron®.

  • Vivix contains a potent polyphenol blend, backed by five patents, designed to protect and repair DNA and combat free radicals. Help slow cellular aging naturally.
  • MindWorks key ingredients help improve memory and focus, and protect against age-related mental decline
  • OmegaGuard helps reduce the risk of heart disease with pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fatty acids
  • NutriFeron is a powerful breakthrough in immune system science, provides support at the cellular level

Also available with Vivix Liquigels.

  • Vivix liquid: take 1 teaspoon daily with meal. Shake well before use. Keep refrigerated. Vivx liquid gels: take 2 daily with meal. No refrigeration needed.
  • MindWorks: take 1 tablet daily with meal.
  • OmegaGuard: take 2 softgels daily with meal.
  • NutriFeron: take 2 caplets daily with meal.
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