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Vita-Lea® Men

Item: #20286

High-potency multivitamin for men's unique needs

Vita-Lea® Men is a complete multivitamin and multimineral that supports men’s overall health, including brain, heart, bone, muscle, and immune health, and helps boost energy levels.* Vita-Lea Men provides what you may be missing at meals with 23 vitamins and minerals, including 100% DV or more of all essential vitamins plus more calcium and magnesium compared to leading multivitamins on the market.

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Gluten Free
Star-K Kosher

In 1915, Dr. Shaklee invented the first multivitamin in the US. Vita-Lea Men continues that history of innovation. It has been uniquely developed to meet men’s needs, delivering 23 essential vitamins and minerals in 2 tablets. Vita-Lea Men is formulated with 100% DV or more of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and all 8 B vitamins. It also contains essential minerals like calcium, iodine, zinc, and extra magnesium. Vita-Lea Men is microcoated for immediate release in the stomach and designed to enhance absorption of folic acid.

Take 2 tablets daily.

Vita-Lea Family Product Sheet
Vita-Lea Men Product Sheet

Nutritional Inadequacy Is a Growing Concern
Many men fall short of their key nutrient requirements, leaving them potentially vulnerable to health issues. Essential vitamins and minerals like A, C, D, E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc, as well as fiber, are often lacking in diets.

Supplementation Offers a Promising Solution
Studies consistently show that supplementation can bridge this nutrition gap, increasing nutrient intake and reducing nutritional inadequacy.1 Why does it matter? Because adequate micronutrient intake is linked to a lower risk of developing numerous long-term health issues compared to insufficient intake, making supplementation a crucial strategy for overall well-being.2

Vita-Lea's Impact
Supported by Science
Vita-Lea is based on 7 clinical studies3-9

Research shows that regular supplementation with Shaklee products, including Vita-Lea, elevates nutrient levels in the blood, providing essential vitamins and minerals to the body.3, 10, 11 This translates to improvements in biomarkers of health and better health outcomes.4-9*

Proven by People
In the first-of-a-kind Landmark Studies, people who used a broad array of Shaklee products, including Vita-Lea, when compared to non-supplement users, had:
Optimal blood nutrient levels10, 11
Optimal biomarkers of health10, 11
Better health outcomes10, 11

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How do I know if Vita-Lea Men is right for me?
Vita-Lea Men is uniquely formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of men under 50. Because it is formulated without iron, it is also great for women who do not require (or want) supplemental iron. If you fit this profile, Vita-Lea Men is the perfect multivitamin for you.

How many vitamins and minerals are in Vita-Lea Men?
Vita-Lea Men delivers 23 essential vitamins and minerals in 2 tablets. It's formulated with 100% DV or more of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K and all 8 B vitamins. It also contains essential minerals including calcium, iodine, zinc, and extra magnesium.

Can I give Vita-Lea Men to my kids?
Vita-Lea Men is specifically formulated for adults 18 years and older. However, if your child is at least 12 years old and can comfortably and safely swallow tablets, they can use Vita-Lea Men.

Is Vita-Lea Men suitable for people with specific dietary restrictions or preferences?
Vita-Lea Men is vegetarian, gluten-free, nondairy, and Star-K Kosher. We always recommend that you consult with your physician if you have any specific concerns regarding whether a product is appropriate for you.

Product Labels
Vita-Lea® Men Product Label - 120 tablets
Vita-Lea® Men Product Label - 240 tablets


100% Money Back Guarantee. Even if it's 100% used up.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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For 60 serving size, estimates based on calculations of product usage over 60 days. For 120 serving size, estimates based on calculations of product usage over 120 days.

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